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This is a labor-saving coffee bean grinder and can get coffee powder in different fineness with adjustable ceramic burr. With it, you can make coffee by yourself and enjoy it happier. Besides, it can also be used to grind pepper, sesame, cereal. You really cannot miss this.


  • Made of stainless steel, anti-rust & durable.
  • Adjustable ceramic burr to provide different fineness of coffee.
  • It’s a labor-saving device with hand cranking(designed accords with leverage principle).
  • Easy to clean with water, the ceramic burr is water-washable.
  • Dual-use with a sealed jar to save coffee powder conveniently.
  • Widely used in grinding: coffee beans, pepper, sesame, cereal, little beans.

How to Adjust Fineness:
You can adjust the position of the above rotary vane to control the fineness of coffee powder(the lower, the finer).


  • Color: Silvery
  • Material: Stainless Steel + Ceramic
  • Handle Length: 10cm
  • Item Size: 14 * 10 * 19cm (L * W * H)
  • Item Weight: 380.5g
  • Package Size: 10.3 * 10.3 * 17cm
  • Package Weight: 437g

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